Sargent Obtains “Take Nothing” in Arbitration Win

David Sargent recently obtained a “take nothing” result in arbitration for the defendant, a local refrigerated transportation company. A “take nothing” judgment means that the arbitrator ruled that the plaintiff has failed to prove their case, “takes nothing” on their claim and zero is owed by the defendant. It is considered the best result possible in defense of a lawsuit.

The Plaintiff, who is a former employee of our client, claimed to have sustained an on-the-job-injury. Since the employer elected to forego workers’ compensation insurance, the Plaintiff had only to prove that the employer was negligent.

After testimony from several witnesses and an expert, the arbitrator determined that the employer was not responsible for any damages and that the plaintiff should “take nothing” as a result.

Sargent Law, P.C. has extensive experience representing employers in Non-Subscriber litigation at both the courthouse and in arbitration with a clear trail of successful results.