Workers' Compensation And On-The-Job Injury

Workers' Compensation carriers and employers rely on Sargent Law to represent them before Texas administrative agencies and courts in matters involving accidental injuries and fatalities. We have experience involving cases with Workers' Compensation insurance, as well as non-subscriber litigation.

Sargent Law also represents insurance companies, employers, individuals, third party administrators, and businesses in matters related to on-the-job injuries.

If you own and operate a business, you understand the potential impact of an employee injury or accident claim. Our attorneys provide effective and experienced counsel focused on resolving claims quickly and cost-efficiently. We do, however, take the time needed to conduct a thorough investigation to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our case. Although our goal is resolution, we protect your interests throughout the case, and have experience defending on-the-job jury claims in administrative hearings, arbitration and jury trials.